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Columbian artist Lola has a knack for painting over sordid polaroid photographs, leaving everything and nothing to the imagination all at once

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Torkil Gudnason: Body Vase

Agency Lookbooks | A. Galerie, Paris

Torkil Gudnason’s Body Vase juxtaposes flora with human curves, eroticism with innocence, and nature with it’s inherent beauty and allure. There is a quality of mysterious fascination within these images - they are charged with a charm that accompanies temptation. The soft, intimate lighting comes from shooting exclusively with daylight – and allows the viewer into a small, private world consisting only of photographer and model.

His images have drama and a sculptural quality that brings to mind the heft and simplicity of Henry Moore or Modigliani - “I  like distortion as a sculptural effect,” he says. 

Shot over a period of nine months, Body Vase brings together two passions for Torkil – flowers and the human form. It is remarkable that these images were created in-camera, with very little retouching – lending the increased power of authenticity to these images, and leaving us wondering at the beauty that exists within this world.

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[points to any dragon] yes

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Black Snake, marble and limestone. By William E. Nutt (2002)

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Cashier: *dies at register*
Customer: are you open
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